Saturday, November 25, 2006


Every once in a while I run into an artist that blows my mind with both musical talent and/or an idea of what music is all about. The DIY thing can be done by just about anyone these days but it takes something of a non-entrepreneur to do things in just the spirit or path chosen by today's featured artist. In this case, we didn't find the music...the music found us with the band's friendly request to the MML profile on myspace. I listen to every band that befriends us and have to say this was a very pleasant addition to our growing list of pals. The song you are listening to instantly reminded me of the Xiu Xiu song Muppet Face we featured last year. The sound explodes with no warning, then warms you up with countless simple instruments and samples that present themselves as a well packaged whole. Michelle and I spent well over an hour going through the below listed links and to be honest, I could probably take at least half a day to listen and download all of the material there. Don't be surprised if you end up with several browser windows open after visiting the below links. Everything seems to pop up that way but it is well worth the confusion even for uni-taskers such as myself.

, as well as any and all related links I post today, are the one man project of Dino Spiluttini from Vienna, Austria. For the purpose of today's portion of his work, I will mention that he utilizes the assistance of multi-talented musician Gernot Scheithauer. Together they formed what was once just a side project in 2005 and now have a brand new EP available titled Smapples on Dino's very own label Beat Is Murder. If you visit that page (and you must) click on the right hand side for the net label and be prepared for a ton of downloads under the "Releases" section. I am fairly certain Dino has his hand in most every cookie jar listed there. Where the label is concerned, there is also the Beat Is Murder MySpace for more good music. Your next stop should be the liger MySpace page where you can download this track, get more info and gleefully join as a friend. Dino also has his own personal MySpace with flash versions of additional cuts (racoon is very nice) as well as a site that doubles as the Official liger website. After poking around on these links, experiencing the amount of effort put forth and listening to the music, you might agree with our highest MML recommendation. This is outstanding stuff.

MP3: smapples

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