Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bedroom Eyes

Before I begin the writeup, I just want to inform all that we've opened the MySpace group page up to the general MySpace population once again (be very afraid). We had to keep things private for quite a while as a result of those quirky playmate spam-bots posting threads there. Hopefully things are all sorted now so random people can just stumble in accidentally as once was the case. If you know people who like music and/or bands that create great music, you (yes you) can now invite them to join the Listening Room... (well, if you're a member yourself, that is. So if you're not, and you feel like joining... please do!) I think it works so give it a try!! That said, I can now move on to my favorite weekly obligation in featuring yet another great band from Sweden. Today's featured track is as sweet and jangly as guitar pop gets. It's just too bad we couldn't have posted this song while the leaves were still growing on the trees instead of crunching around my ankles. This deserves a warm spring day for sure. It's no secret that some of the musical comparisons around here can be ridiculous but hopefully not in this case. This song could easily be a lost track from The Lemonheads' 1992 release "It's A Shame About Ray" if only Juliana Hatfield and Evan Dando had been the vocal contributors. The other tracks available each have their own flavor featuring various accompanying folk instruments. All songs are equally wonderful so you might want to check the links below.

Bedroom Eyes is the musical project of Jonas Jonsson of Östersund, Sweden. He currently enlists the assistance of Mattias Andersson (bass), Patrik Zackrisson (keyboards) and Emil Karlsson (percussion) to complete the full band. Emil is also part of the indie pop outfit The Way We Wear Our Heads. The female vocals you must have noticed by now on today's feature are that of Penny Century's Julia Hanberg. This song is one of four which are a part of the September 2006 debut Embrace In Stereo EP. The entire release is available to download for free on the Bedroom Eyes Website. Also stop by the Bedroom Eyes Myspace Page for more info on the band. I'm really enjoying the horns in this song.

MP3: Blueprint For Departure

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