Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Silent Years

This week turned out to be a nice mix of music here in the group without going too far in any direction...well. At least that was my plan (or hope.) Before the weekend starts I want to post a really solid band I've been listening to recently. I'm guessing quite a few of you have already heard of them since their myspace page is visited more than frequently. They have a radio friendly sound to the extreme but for some reason I wasn't scared away by it at all. Instead, I was drawn in easily but have to say that after visiting The Silent Years MySpace page, the 2 least played songs ended up being my favorites. Today's featured track is from the band's October 2006 self titled debut and is newly available on the No Alternative Records label for $9.99 USD. There are more songs for download there as well.

From what I read, The Silent Years currently consist of band members Josh Epstein, Jonathan Edwards, Jeremy Edwards and Pat Michalak who all grew up together just outside of Detroit, Michigan. They went separate ways for some time to pursue different interests/studies but are now reformed and wasting no time getting back into things. The Silent Years website is another place to visit for info, tour dates, merchandise, etc. As is usually the case, there is also a YouTube video I found. It's of the song Someone To Keep Us Warm which seems to be the popular one on MySpace.

Also, the band will be performing Friday evening, November 10th at Relative Theory Records in Norfolk, Virginia with opening act French Fish Face for a mere $5 at the door. Check em out if you happen to be in the area.

MP3: Someday

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