Sunday, February 11, 2007


The weekends are usually down time for me these days but I wanted to post a song that I've had on my desktop for several days. In breaking from the usual indie rock fare, this track might bring to mind a smoke filled lounge (Taverna) at the end of any given evening. I've always wanted to refer to a song as a "number" and now is the perfect chance. My 9 year old daughter commandeered "our" laptop yesterday after watching her new favorite DVD series and found this song amongst the growing confusion of MP3 files on the desktop. This little number was repeated for the better part of our Saturday afternoon and is still embedded in my brain. It seems like forever (2 years) since I traveled to Greece and has been almost a year since my last music feature from that country. I hope you enjoy this jazzy blues treat from Northern Greece...

Formed in 1993, Schema is primarily the music of Stathis Chouliaris (electric guitar/vocals), Achileas Radis (electric guitar), Periklis Kourkoumelis (keyboards), Efthimis Sfairopoulos (bass) and Dimitris Mpaltzis (percussion) from Ioannina, Greece. Today's featured track is actually from the band's sophomore release Earth and includes the vocal contribution of Annalina Fotopoulou. It was recorded at Studio II in 2004 and is still available if you visit the Schema website. To hear more of this music check out the Schema MySpace page. Stathis is responsible for several theatrical, studio and children's recording projects and continues to offer music lessons locally. Finally, there is also a YouTube Video of another song for your viewing pleasure. Yiamas!

MP3: Spider

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