Tuesday, February 20, 2007

MML: Female Four

Since I am in the middle of cutting my hair (mop), doing laundry and cooking this before my Friday departure to London, UK, I decided to group another set of excellent musicians spotlighting exceptional female vocals together for a post. This, in no way, means they are not qualified for their very own feature. I just want to get some of the MP3 files out there before I leave. I plan on expanding on much of this music when I return. Feel free to discuss some of these sounds and let the musicians know what you think. This is a mix of music that has either been sent to me or that I have found during my internet travels. Thank you especially to Karin Ström for a wonderful care package from Stockholm, Sweden. I currently have En saga om en sten in my car stereo and it is going to stay there for quite some time. Most of this music is brand new while one track goes back as far as 2005. Each of these women are amazingly talented and the artists that back them up are equally great. I only hope you enjoy the following links to more of their music and information. In order... today's featured artists take us from Sweden to Scotland then the Netherlands and finally all the way back to Sweden again. I made too much pasta also... want some?

Karin Ström

Karin Ström Myspace
Karin Ström Website

Song: Betydelsen av rum

The Poems

The Poems Myspace
The Poems Website (label)

Song: Ballad Of A Bitter End

Sophie Zeyl

Sophie Zeyl Myspace
Sophie Zeyl Website (label)

Song: You Could Have Run Away

The Kid

The Kid Myspace
The Kid Website

Song: Kit Club Hotel

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