Thursday, February 22, 2007

MML: Vacation YouTube-Fest

It's finally that time. Friday evening I fly off over the ocean watching horrid Jennifer Aniston movies while eating an assortment of pre-packaged, chemically restructured airline delicacies. Luckily, a few recently featured bands sent music care packages to me and I will be able to listen to them on the airplane. Many thanks to the artists who sent their music. My reason for London? I found it mandatory to visit Michelle in order to drink all of her beer, scare the local pigeon population then yell at her neighbor who likes to sweep debris off of her balcony onto our back porch area. My 2006 visit is documented on this Myspace Blog, so if you get bored give it a click. Obviously, there will be no updating of MML or the Listening Room during this upcoming week so we decided to post all of the YouTube videos we've ever mentioned here. At least those not removed as a result of various copyright infringements. YouTube is slow to load sometimes so you might need to hit pause after they start to give some of them a fighting chance to load. Anyway, cheers to all, I will be back (full of Marmite) and ready to post more music. There is already German shoegaze, experimental electronica from Greece and an assortment of kick ass NYC rock bands in the works for early March. Seeya soon. 44

Bobby Baby

The Afghan Whigs


Like Honey

Low Frequency In Stereo


Citizens Here And Abroad

Sinks Of Gandy


Gertie Fox

Velocity Girl

Iowa Super Soccer

Dag Nasty

Via Audio

The Vandelles

For Those Who Know

Under Byen



The Silent Years


I Am Bones


Racetrack Babies

Miniature Tigers


White Rabbits

Secret Mommy



Los Campesinos!

The Jealous Girlfriends

TBA - Natalia "Tusja" Beridze

Les Breastfeeders

The Muggabears


East Hundred


peteski said...

video pow pow pow did I catch you in some kinda of max overload test? (while stalking)

casey thrushes said...

A W E S O M E !!
I can't think of a better way to waste a whole's days worth of company time. Cheers!
And double kudos on all the velocity girl. copacetic is so criminally underrated it's sick. Got to see their last show at 930 in dc, so sweet!
have fun in merry old england.

4casey4 said...

Hey thanks Casey! Oh... I received the Thrushes CD you sent in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much! I will definitely take it on the airplane with me this evening. We did a post on Velocity Girl a few months ago. Slumberland Records has a ton of mp3 files from some of their label mates also. Cheers.