Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The State of Samuel

One of the best parts of doing the almost-daily music thing here on MML and on the MySpace group is when I get to update previously featured musicians. We originally posted this artist in early April of 2006 [read the review] and now there is a brand new song to share. Along with this new song is a sort of competition on The State of Samuel website (news section) where he is asking that you guess what records he has in his own collection. Some of you that speculate with accuracy will receive a free copy of the new CD once it is released. I just made my attempt (entry #16) but am probably way off the mark. Oh and, in case you hadn't figured it out, we are staying in Sweden for another day of music. Today's featured song was recorded on a 4 track and is the shortest we've ever posted at 1 minute 49 seconds. To be honest, It probably could have been stretched a few minutes longer without giving me the slightest reason to lose interest. The lightly fuzzed guitar sound and classic 60s garage-esque vocals have only improved with Sam's new material. I look forward to the upcoming release even though I probably blew my chance at winning a free copy. (The Jam?...what was I thinking.)

The State of Samuel is a long-time music project of Samuel Petersson from Stockholm, Sweden. He has been making this music since 1996 and has completed several previous cassettes, CDs and compilation appearances since that time. Assisting Sam in the recording of the upcoming full length "Here Comes The Flood" release are local musicians Isak Klasson (bass, guitar, backing vocals), Peter Eriksson (drums, percussion, engineering, mixing), Aina Myrstener (trumpet, cello), Betty-Marie Barnes (vocals), Sofie Wennström (vocals) and Alice Eggers (piano). I think that's everyone? To hear a few more new songs, check out The State of Samuel MySpace page as well. As a bonus, we've posted the original version of Square Roots from our first State of Samuel review for you also. Enjoy.

MP3: The Residents of Gloom
Bonus MP3: Square Roots

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