Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Year Zero (Sweet Trip Remix)

It's been almost a year since we last featured Los Angeles area musician Lili De La Mora with a project in which she contributed her beautiful vocals for experimental artist 11hz Robot [June 1, 2006 review + download]. After receiving a nice message from Lili last week, I learned that she continues to move forward as an extremely active musician since our last visit. The Year Zero is primarily the dreamy musical undertaking of Lili De La Mora and Rodney Sellars from Long Beach, California. Currently accompanying the duo are musicians Alex Villanueva, Jennifer Galdean and Chris Clawson along with the assistance of their trusty Tascam 424 MK (3?). The song featured today is actually a remix by Roby Burgos of the exceptional San Francisco area experimental pop outfit Sweet Trip. The original version of this song will be a part of an upcoming TYZ full length tentatively set to be titled Land of Relics. It will be released through the band's label Skipping Stone Records and, if this song is any indication, will be near the top of my must-purchase short list. For more information and a few more wonderful songs, check out The Year Zero Myspace Page. This remix is excellent in that it showcases the ambient sound The Year Zero is known for instead of overwhelming the original track. By the end of Made of Nothing, the borderline shoegaze that develops had me forgetting this was a remix at all. Great new stuff.

MP3: Made of Nothing (Sweet Trip Remix)


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