Monday, May 07, 2007

Bright Paper Werewolves

We left last week with an excellent Norwegian pop group, and will stay in the same country to kick off this week on MML. I was almost certain this was going to be another pop song after listening to the beginning of today's featured track, but soon the guitars kicked in and the song developed into solid indie rock that most definitely deserves repeated listens. The first clue this band was going to be good should have hit me when I realized their name is taken from a Guided By Voices song title. Bright Paper Werewolves are a five piece consisting of Silje Salomonsen (vocals, violin), Espen Bjerga (vocals, guitar), Knut Ingvar Nilsen (vocals, guitar), Eirik Lye (bass) and Chris Hansen (drums) from Stavanger, Norway. The song "We Will Not Take A Dive" is from the brand new EP titled Hope To Join The Fun which was released and is available through Out Of Tune(s) Records. To listen to more good music, visit the Bright Paper Werewolves NRK Urørt page or the BPW Myspace page. Also check out the BPW Website for videos and additional information on related artists. More great music from Norway.

Song: We Will Not Take A Dive

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