Tuesday, May 08, 2007


One of the obvious benefits of keeping a music weblog would be the CDs I receive in the mail. It's nice to open the post to find padded envelopes from around the world, but it also serves a purpose. It really does help to hear the music away from the computer and as a complete package instead of just a song or two. That's exactly what I had the opportunity to do with the music of today's featured artist. This time our mail was from California and my preferred place for listening ended up being the car. The first thing I noticed while listening, is that the sound quality is without many common bells and whistles similar bands tend to overuse. Not really lo-fi but close enough to keep this music out of the pop category and in the garage where it belongs. It must have only been around 2 or 3 songs into my listen when I started thinking that Dreamdate could easily have fit into the old Homestead Records lineup. A specific comparison can be made to mid 80s female trio Salem 66. Anyone familiar with the 1980s Boston music scene would most likely consider that comparison a high compliment.

Dreamdate is the all-female garage rock trio of Emily (drums, vocals), Anna (bass, vocals) and Yea-Ming (guitar, vocals) from Oakland, California. The two tracks featured today belong to the band's brand new full length debut release Come Over Now which is available through Chocolate Covered Records (CCR Myspace). For more music, including a cover of the song Monster Mash, stop by the Dreamdate MySpace page. Also visit the Dreamdate website for further info and upcoming performance dates. The next live show will be held in San Francisco May 29 @ The Make Out Room (fitting venue ah?) I'm really liking this CD and will keep it playing in the car for some time.

MP3: Break Up
MP3: Why Don't You Make Me

As a bonus, below is a track from Salem 66 I found at Little Hits. Listen for yourself and let me know if you hear any similarities...Enjoy!

Bonus MP3: Salem 66 - Across The Sea (1984)

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