Friday, May 18, 2007

Adam Franklin

As update on one of our favorite musicians of the early 90s, we need to give a "heads up" on the latest project of legendary Swervedriver frontman Adam Franklin. Our original post this past April featured the classic Swervedriver track Never Lose That Feeling [original review + download] and received plenty of attention for our little blog. If you continue to adore the Creation Records era music of artists including Swervedriver, Bob Mould and MBV, you will definitely appreciate this latest music from Adam Franklin. The new 13 track album titled Bolts Of Melody will be released through San Diego, CA. based Hi-Speed Soul Records (HSSR MySpace) June 26th and you can pre-order it now. The lead track of this new release, Seize the Day (if I'm not completely mistaken) is a song that was originally a part of the 2001 album Everyday, Rock n' Roll Is Saving My Life by Adam's first solo project Toshack Highway (Toshack Highway MySpace). If this is so, it would make perfect sense since another track, The Hitcher, from that same release is an old Swervedriver B-side. Past/present/future get the picture. Adam Franklin's new music submission seems to combine the more organic post-Swervedriver sound of Toshack with the sound we are all too happy to remember and embrace once again. This is a must-purchase and a high recommendation from MML.

MP3: Swervedriver - Never Lose That Feeling (1991)
MP3: Swervedriver - Girl on a Motorbike (1993)
MP3: Toshack Highway - The Hitcher (2001)
MP3: Adam Franklin - Seize The Day (2007)

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