Sunday, April 16, 2006


I featured this band last year but didn't have anywhere to host the stuff I featured at the time. Now I do, and I'm going to feature this classic song again for anyone who might have missed it last time. What can I say about these guys...? Wow.

formed during the late 80s and are what I would consider a bridge from the early 90s shoegaze phenomenon into the full-blown alternative rock of the mid 90s. Now that I go back and listen, the sound of this band really does stand the test of time. I would dare to say that most of the material they put out cannot be touched by anything even remotely similar during and far beyond that time period. It's funny when I read Wikipedia and see how badly someone did with the story of this band. Here is a quote from a much more reliable source... Mr. Bob Mould (yes, that Bob Mould) has a very nice blog from which I extracted the following quote regarding Swervedriver:

"Somewhere in a box of my treasured possessions, there's a letter and a demo tape I received from the UK in 1989. The first song on that cassette was called "Son Of Mustang Ford", and the guys who sent it were thinking of calling their band Swervedriver. It was a great song, and as things turned out, we went on to be labelmates at Creation Records. A few years ago, I started hearing lots of new bands who were reinterpreting the sounds of that era, with interesting and unique results. Now, with the recent release of Never Lose That Feeling, I've been going back to Swervedriver's music, and am thrilled that it holds up so well a decade later. They were a great live band, and Adam is one of the nicest guys I've ever met. If you weren't listening to this music in the day, you missed a special time."

To hear Bob say that is a true compliment. Swervedriver is no more, but front man Adam Franklin has a more recent project with Toshack Highway, who I also featured last year. There is also still an official Swervedriver website with lots of cool stuff. Check it out.

MP3: Never Lose That Feeling

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