Sunday, April 30, 2006

Volcano Suns

In the mid 80's, I was fully entrenched in the swirling guitars of Hüsker Dü and the drum-heavy sounds of Squirrel Bait so my attention span for anything else was limited at best. Just about every mixed tape I made as a teenager included various Volcano Suns songs but I really wasn't aware of them... If that makes sense. I suppose their music wouldn't have made it on to the tapes had I not liked it, but I just didn't go into "fan mode" about them for some strange reason. Now that I hear it again, I'm wondering why I didn't pay more attention. I tried to look up some sort of history on the band with little success so I'll tell you what I do know. When Mission of Burma disbanded in 1983, drummer Pete Prescott formed Volcano Suns. He would later be joined in 1987 by MoB's college radio sound engineer extraodinaire Bob Weston.

There you have it... My research is deep ah?

Volcano Suns
were on Homestead Records which is my favorite label of all time. I actually bought one of their albums but couldn't find a picture of it anywhere on the web. It was reddish orange with the band name in bold letters at the top. I'll have to go to Mom's house to dig it out of her basement. This song is from the 1986 album "All Night Lotus Party". Re-discovering the music from this time period is what it's all about for me. The best part is, Volcano Suns are an active band again with a MySpace page!! If you go there, the website they have listed (and clickable) as their own will make you laugh. I would really like to find more info about the history of the band, so if anyone can tell me more, I'd love to hear it.

MP3: Four Letters

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