Saturday, April 22, 2006


I wanted to re-feature this great song after revisiting it again. I originally posted Climber last year when I first started the MySpace group and there were only a handful of members. They were also one of the first bands I added to my own MySpace friends list at the beginning of 2005. I was listening to Her Space Holiday a bunch at the time, so you can probably imagine how ecstatic I was to hear these guys.

Climber is a Portland, Oregon-based 4-piece that started in their basement in 2001. The brand of electronica they produce really does create a sweet place for me. I prefer Climber hands down to some of the other northwestern acts to which a comparison could be drawn. (Postal Service, etc...) The song Horns is from their 2004 self-titled EP. You can hear some new songs from their upcoming album at the Climber MySpace page. They also have a nice website where more downloadable music can be found. I hope you enjoy this one... and your weekend!!

MP3: Horns

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