Monday, April 17, 2006

Faux Pas

The Useless Stuff: I went to mom's house tonight for Easter dinner. She has this new device that vacuum seals stuff in plastic. You know, the ones they sell on TV. I got some ham to go and also potato casserole that looks fit for an astronaut. She also put some hats and mittens in one to send with me...Just in time for spring. Bless that woman.

The Useful Stuff: Tim Shiel is a 24 year old from Melbourne, Australia. His musical project Faux Pas is really interesting to me. It doesn't have the blips and bleeps I was expecting from the experimental genre he is listed under. Instead it is an organic, flowing sound. Very nice. On his MySpace page he says that he will be traveling (not touring) around the U.S. and Europe... getting drunk in bars. Exactly what I would be doing at his age. Well, ok, I still do... Anyway, check the Faux Pas website for more details. This is a good one.

MP3: For The Trees

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