Sunday, April 23, 2006


Plenty of people reading this would probably list My Bloody Valentine and/or Dinosaur Jr. as being among their favorite bands of all time. I can't say that the same doesn't hold true for me also (I love double negatives). This is an interesting one in that, Lilys came out with their first songs emulating those bands. Soon after, that familiar sound was abandoned in favour of experimentation in various musical genres. Lilys is essentially the music of Kurt Heasley from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His history includes plenty of different zig zags and the band lineup changes with each new release.

2006 brings the newest submission from Mr. Heasley and his new band of Lilys. After giving a few listens, Everything Wrong Is Imaginary is dreamy and really nice. The guitars are more along the lines of the evolution I might have expected. There is a Lilys MySpace page to hear more also, but the 1991 song you are listening to will always be my favorite. Lilys are currently on the Manifesto Records label.

I can honestly say, if I had my own band I would want it to sound like this song.

MP3: February Fourteenth

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