Wednesday, April 19, 2006


When listening to music in my office I have to keep the sound at very low volume. That, combined with the poor sound quality of my computer there, makes it really difficult to properly listen to anything. I usually just end up reading about the bands. With that said, I was almost certain I was listening to a lost track from Guided By Voices' Bee Thousand record when I faintly heard the guitars start out on this one. Once I got home, however, I was treated to their own sound on my good speakers . I changed my mind about the GBV thing after a few listens.

Hymns are a 4-piece band from Brooklyn, New York. I saw them posted in a few blogs this past week or so and decided to check them out. Glad I did. Most reviews I read liken their sound to Pavement, but as I said before, the Guided By Voices thing was first to hit me. There is another song Friends of Mine that has a Wilco feel to it. Check out the Hymns website for more songs and their label Blackland Records. Hymns are on MySpace also. This song is on their debut full length LP/CD of the same name, Brother Sister.

MP3: Brother Sister

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