Friday, April 28, 2006


Here is a good band I found while browsing the AYF? blog. Welcome is a band from Seattle I know next to nothing about. The Welcome website has no bio or band lineup, just some more good songs to listen to. When I first heard the beginning of All Set, Jon Spencer in his Pussy Galore days came to mind. It wasn't until the vocals kicked in that the controlled chaos of guitars took shape. A good amount of reverb creates a 60's sound that evolves into really nice female vocals towards the end. I immediately hosted the song and used it as my MySpace profile music after about the 3rd listen... so yeah, you could say I liked it.

The band's MySpace page has no further info either. From the pictures there I am guessing there are 3 band members?? If any of you Seattle folks (or anyone else, for that matter) out there know more about Welcome please do share!!

MP3: All Set

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