Friday, April 21, 2006

The Whigs

First of all, I know this band isn't "The" Whigs as in the Afghan Whigs,although if you were to go out to buy it and make that mistake you would thank me also. Since the name is similar I had to take a listen. This is some great straightforward indie rock. The Whigs are a trio from Athens, Georgia. They've opened up for plenty of major bands, which is pretty impressive considering they have been around for less than 3 years. After looking around on The Whigs website I noticed one of the acts they've shared a bill with is Jessica Simpson??? I had to do a double take. I then went on to read this review of the band that offered the following about it. "Then there was also the Jingle Ball hosted by Jessica Simpson. In response to my query as to whether their set had the 12 year-old girls lining up for autographs, [drummer, Julian] Dorio says, "No, but our buddy Billy Bennet came to the show and apparently he was signing autographs all night." Bennet used to be the kicker for the Georgia Bulldogs football team."

You can hear more on the band's MySpace page. This song is off their debut release Give 'Em All A Big Fat Lip which came out November 2005. They recorded it themselves with some help from friend Billy Bennet and it's available on their website for $10.00 USD. Sometimes the DIY bands end up being the best ones.

MP3: Technology

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