Saturday, April 29, 2006


Let's go to the Netherlands for a band whose name comes from a South African slang word meaning "manic energy". Voicst is a 3-piece from Amsterdam that is gaining notoriety quickly. One of the band's latest songs Whatever You Want From Life is currently featured on the EA Sports video game FIFA World Cup Soccer. The song featured here is also from the band's latest release 11-11 that will be available in the US early July.

Go to the Voicst website to see and hear more about them. They have their very own label, Duurtlang Records ("duurt lang" is Dutch for "takes a long time") and a MySpace page also. I found it funny that they list their sound as "somewhere between Beyonce and The Melvins".

Happy Saturday...this is good stuff.

MP3: Dazzled Kids

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