Thursday, April 20, 2006


I suppose if we were looking for a band with the most members, we might have a winner here. Anathallo is an eight (yes, 8) piece troupe from the central Michigan city of Mt. Pleasant. They have been playing and touring since they met in high school six years ago and chances are you haven't heard of them. In most reviews I read they are mentioned in various ways as an indie version of a marching band. They kind of remind me of Architecture in Helsinki in that they have a horn section and line the stage with drums and other percussion devices. I also read, in one of the reviews, that they incorporate a Japanese theme into most of the music.

The song featured here goes in plenty different directions and seems like it could break into chaos at any given moment. However, the exact opposite happens and everything comes together nicely. I would guess that Page France fans will like this band also. This song (don't ask me to spell it) is from their new full length CD Floating World which came out Feb. 25th 2006. It is available on the Anathallo website for $12 USD. On the news portion of the site it mentions that they have decided to let Sony/BMG handle the distribution. This can only mean that you will hear plenty more about them soon. They also have a MySpace page to hear more. If you are in the UK, look for them to be touring between 16 to 23 July. Hanasakajijii...there, I spelled it.

MP3: Hanasakajijii

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Grant said...

I have been an admirer of Anathallo for several years and am very glad they're in Chicago working on their new album. A couple other bands you might be interested in: Serena Maneesh, OVERHANG, mewithoutyou. These bands have the sincerity of Anathallo, but more of the noisy rock'n'roll vibe going for them.