Sunday, April 22, 2007

MML: Where Are They Now?

The two people who run MML have been separated by an ocean for far too long. We have been dealing with a mountain of paperwork, The Department of Homeland Security and an assortment of additional hick-ups but now have some good news to report. Michelle finally has her Visa and will be moving to the States at the end of this week... I couldn't be happier. You must excuse our absence as we get settled and ready to kick your doors in with new music. We appreciate your patience. For now, we will present you with 3 songs from the 80s you are sure to remember.... Have fun with these treats and see you very soon. ~ Casey

MP3: Anne Clark - Wallies
MP3: Cabaret Voltaire - Sensoria
MP3: Book Of Love - Boy


Anonymous said...

Next week??

K. Joseph (E. Whitehall is not so bad)

Ray said...

oh man, im happy for you guys, cant wait untill le rug gets there in the fall. im buying you both pbr and newports. oh yeah and casey, ill be sending you a sneak peak from the new le rug album soon, im still trying to think of a name for it, any suggestions?

4casey4 said...

I could use the Newports for sure... I've been going across the river to Kentucky and buying these generic band smokes. Ray, you always have a couch to crash on my friend.

Oh, and yes. Next week we will get things going again. I have plenty of music ready to go.

da trux da mediocre said...

casey, i didn't realize your lady friend was a terroris... AHEM! i meant foreigner.

glad to hear something good happening to someone good.

i haven't been on here in a while. sorry about that.