Tuesday, April 17, 2007

MML: Update From Sweden

It's been a while since we visited one of our favorite locations for music, so today we return to Sweden for three of our favorite artists featured previously on MML. To start things off, SE/UK musician Gustaf Kjellvander is back with his music project The Fine Arts Showcase. The upcoming May release will be a Rough Bunnies tribute record and today's featured single is one of the cover songs from it. Believe it or not, the entire thing was recorded in 3 days. Next up is another song we neglected to feature last time from DIY bedroom artist Christoffer aka Henry Morgans Solokarriär. He only started recording this music last September and has a very good demo to share as a result. Finally, duo Fredrik and Ola, who make up The Lovekevins, have a brand new debut album in Vs. The Snow which is currently available. The featured track, Tamagotchi freestyle, is a good example of the infectious retro-pop you can expect from this new release. The links you will find below include our previous review as well as the artists myspace page and official websites. All of these are good sources to find more music and are well worth your time to investigate.

The Fine Arts Showcase - Dance With Your Shadow

Location: Malmö, Sweden / London, UK

[Original MML Feature - July 26, 2006]
The Fine Arts Showcase MySpace Page
The Fine Arts Showcase Website

MP3: Dance With Your Shadow

Henry Morgans Solokarriär - Keeping Me Warm

Location: Uppsala, Sweden

[Original MML Feature - Feburary 5, 2007]
Henry Morgans Solokarriär MySpace Page
Henry Morgans Solokarriär Website

MP3: Keeping Me Warm

The Lovekevins - Tamagotchi Freestyle

Location: Malmö, Sweden

[Original MML Feature - November 29,2006]
The Lovekevins MySpace Page
The Lovekevins Website

MP3: Tamagotchi Freestyle


thepsychicpilot said...

I've been away from the 'net for a while and recently returned. I spent some time getting caught up on your posts. There's some good stuff in there that I'll have to revisit. How's the 'Nati treating you?

4casey4 said...

Hey! Glad you stopped by. Cincy is ok so far but is taking some getting used to. C-bus was much different. Michelle finally booked her flight and will arrive (for good) on the 28th of this month. I can imagine it will be a slightly more intense culture shock for my London girl. Haha.

Oh, btw. There are a couple of bands (one of which is on the front page here) that are looking to play here at the end of May. I'll message you on myspazz to ask a few questions and/or get ideas.

Good to see you back and posting on your blog.