Friday, April 13, 2007

MML New Music Flash: The Sky Drops

MML just received word last evening, via MySpace, that one of our favorite previously featured artists have a pair of brand new songs to share. At the end of last May, we featured The Sky Drops [original review + download] and have been adoring their specific brand of guitar rock ever since. Now that I listen to these new tracks, it becomes clear that an evolution beyond the band's initial shoegaze-heavy focus was a step forward in the right direction. The vocals are now more pronounced, while not interfering with the lovely, well measured guitar centerpiece we are all too familiar with. You'll want to take some time in listening to the music available here on MML today. I can assure you... plenty of well deserved attention is on the way for this band.

In case you are just now finding out about them, The Sky Drops are a Wilmington, Delaware duo consisting of Rob Montejo (guitar, vocals) and Monika Bullette (drums, vocals). We also featured the excellent solo work of Monika Bullette in August of 2006 [original review + download]... The brand new music featured today is also available on The Sky Drops Website. For more info and an enormous list of upcoming tour dates, visit them there. Also check out the additional links below. These new songs get ridiculously high recommendations from both Michelle and myself. Take a listen to both of the following.

MP3: Million
MP3: Sentimental

The Sky Drops Website
The Sky Drops MySpace
Bullette Website
Bullette MySpace


Anonymous said...

This sounds like dinosaur jr. meets my bloody valentine. I really like it. I'll try to catch the Dayton show. Gotta love the Lab Partners.

Thank you.

kid pocket said...

sounds alot like the ontario band erics trip. but much gazeier