Thursday, April 19, 2007

Le Man Avec Les Lunettes

How about an experimental Italian band with a French name that sings in english... anyone? Yes indeed, here we go with a wonderful indie pop song that sent me happily out of my chair within the first few seconds. This doesn't happen often but, ohh when it does, you can rest assured we will feature it on MML. The initial chaotic electronica quickly forms into subtle vocal harmony acompanied by the organic musical mixtures I was fortunate enough to stumble across. Le Man Avec Les Lunettes is the duo of Alessandro Paderno (vocals, eastwood guitar, microkorg, acoustic guitar, diamonica) and Fabio Benni (vocals, gem imperial organ, omichord, glockenspiel, theremin, tape echoes machine) from Brescia, Italy who have been making music together since 2004. The song featured today is actually from a very recent compilation/theme album titled Let It Bee... This release includes a total of 20 artists with songs about bee related subject matter (like honey) and is available if you visit the band's label My Honey Records (My Honey MySpace.) For more on this international duo and their brand new CD simply titled "?", you will need to stop by the Le Man Avec Les Lunettes website. Also be sure to send a compulsory "friend request" while listening to more new tracks on the Le Man Avec Les Lunettes MySpace page. I hope you are listening to this Italian indie pop. High recommendations from MML are in order this time.

MP3: Could I Call You Honey

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