Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Answering Machine

It's a fairly late start to the week since my work and away from computer life has been complete insanity but now the "slow motion-radio-type-thingy" here moves forward with another really good new band from the UK. Sometimes I read before listening to the music, while other times, when the artists are young, it makes more sense to listen before reading. After all, what potential new fan within any given band's age group would want to stomach historical interlude from some blogger my age? I know it sounds as if we are championing a cause for the youth of today... but not a chance, my friend. I mostly despise the bubble gum we have to sift through in order to find something worthwhile to feature on MML. The Answering Machine, however, deserve a good listen and plenty of your time. I was actually kind of surprised to find that the blogosphere paid little attention while a few large music resources gave this band a fair amount of praise. The links below will give you additional information on this up and coming gem of a band.

The Answering Machine
are an unsigned pop trio from Manchester, UK consisting of members Martin (vocals, guitar), Patrick (guitar, vocals) and Gemma (bass). Where is the percussionist you might ask? You need look no further than the band's pet drum machine Mustaffa Beat (yes they made a MySpace page for it... bravo!) To hear more music, check The Answering Machine MySpace as they do not have a proper website up and running just yet. Unfortunately, the band's debut Oct. 2006 single Oklahoma is temporarily sold out in physical form, but you can still buy the tracks online at tunetribe. The next string of live performance dates in and around London will commence late April. My recommendation would be for the second date at a favorite Camden venue (although I felt quite old there) The Dublin Castle the next day for Club Fandango's regular Tuesday night lineup (CF MySpace) April 24th. Finally, there is a YouTube Video from the band as well...

MP3: The Hold Up

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