Thursday, August 09, 2007


It might surprise some of you to learn, as little as we are currently posting here on MML, that quite a few messages end up on our MySpace page from new and upcoming bands. In the case of today's featured artist, there was a sense of new found priority to "give up the goods" at the earliest moment we could possibly manage. This time, the music we were fortunate enough to wrap our ears around involved a humble presentation of guitar, drums and warm female vocals inside a wonderfully dreamy package we couldn't wait to share with you. The first track we singled out was Warning, which brought to the surface borderline (but thankfully not) traditional shoegaze. After quite a few listens, it was decided to stay for more with the song Obituary which had us wondering how many musicians were involved in this project? As it turns out, Monarch is only a two piece consisting of multi-instrumentalist co-founders Andy Stack and Jenn Wasner from Baltimore, Maryland. The two songs featured today belong to the newly released 11 track debut If Children which has just been made available through Baltimore based Morphius Records (Morphius MySpace). For more downloadable music, take a moment or three to visit the Monarch website. There is also a Monarch MySpace page for more information and to add as an online friend... they will love you for it. Oh, before I forget, the following YouTube video is a live version of the low key number Family Glue from May 2007, and is one you must watch. Enjoy!

In order to take in the next live performance, you only need to show up (with pocket change) to local Baltimore venue Metro Gallery next week on August 17 for an evening with Monarch and The Sky Drops who are an incredible act we have featured both here (2006) and here (2007)... This will be an excellent show.

MP3: Warning
MP3: Obituary

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