Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sophie Zeyl

Earlier this year, we featured the music of four female vocalists we were listening to on a very regular basis [February 2007 review + download.] One of those artists was Sophie Zeyl from Amsterdam, Netherlands. After that post we received a nice message from Sophie and responded with an interest to feature her music further. With all of our recent traveling, relocation and other such endeavors, we unfortunately lost track of things. Now we have the chance to share a brand new single in the form of a video. A fantastic video that is one of, if not, the best we've seen so far this year. I'm sure there will be a variety of reactions to this and, for those like ourselves who do not follow these things closely, just might be the reason music videos survived the MTV era backlash take a look and listen to the following single I'm Not Like That and let us know what you think.

If you enjoyed the youtube version as much as we did, check into the Sophie Zeyl MySpace page for music that might be a complete departure from the video in showcasing Sophie's guitar as well as her strong and exceptionally warm vocals. All of the music is presented under her own Amsterdam/London based label i-rain Records (i-rain MySpace) and can be found there for purchase. The following song was part of our original post and is the lead track of twelve that comprise the most recent release Two Ways Of Running which can also be found on i-rain Records. Lovely.

MP3: You Could Have Run Away

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