Tuesday, October 02, 2007


When making our rounds looking for new artists on various online music resources, a find like today's featured track has us considering the possibility of posting music on an hourly basis, abandoning of our current sporadic pace... if only this were our day job. For now, we bring you a New York/Los Angeles (uncertain of the specific domicile but I'll guess NY) boy/girl duo who are creating an addictive brand of fuzzed-out electro pop, raising the attention of multiple media sources in the process. At first listen, Tom Tom Club came to mind, however hopped up on steroids or remixed, but after repeated exposure without being able to contain the "dance thing" or take our collective seat, the addiction was sealed. HeartsRevolution definitely has an unusual take on promotion as they enlist a DIY refurbished ice cream truck, known as HeartsChallenger, to serve as a kitsch store, transportation and record label HQ all in one go. The song presently featured, C.Y.O.A. or Choose Your Own Adventure is part of a split single with wildly popular Crystal Castles in both glow-in-the-dark and heart shaped vinyl if you visit the HeartsChallenger Store. There are also a couple of amusing shirts you can (and I might) buy there... neon green suits me don't you think?

Foxes and Bunnies... Fire and Snow... We're all just lost, don't know which way to go... Oh yes, this is quite fucking good.

MP3: C.Y.O.A

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