Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Muscle Snog

This is the first of a few vacation/mental health days away from the office for me and, coincidentally enough, a perfect opportunity to search for new music. After some morning internet travels, digging around myspace for like-minded music folks, I stumbled upon today's featured artist. From what little information I could find in English, Muscle Snog is a collaboration of six musicians from Shanghai, China who seem to each have their own related music projects. For more information and music, there is of course the Muscle Snog Myspace page where we found them as well as a Muscle Snog Neocha profile and another band page for good measure. If you are a regular visitor to MML, you will appreciate the shoegaze qualities of the following track. The song begins with a full two minutes of that signature "wall of sound" guitar we love. If you are patient, what follows is a sizable rhythmic pounding accompanied by distorted vocals that might have you listening more than a few times. Enjoy.

MP3: Mind Shop Is On Sale

There is also a youtube video of the same song during a live performance at local Shanghai venue 4live that took place earlier this year. Although the footage is a bit shaky, this video might give you a better idea of how good and noisy the band can be.


Anonymous said...

This seriously rocks my friend.

Mark Ark

drdoofass said...

i've seen these guys play a couple of times...
they rock so bad... shanghai needs more muscle snog!