Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Floor Is Made Of Lava

Just over a year ago, I was dating a British girl and was slightly depressed about our frequent goodbye-visits to the airport. After one of those visits, my spirits were raised substantially when I found a Danish band that offered a track titled "Do Your Sister" (romantic, I know) and promptly posted it here [July 2006 review + sister download]. A quick email check yesterday morning and some great news appeared from the raucousness that continues to be this band. The Floor is Made Of Lava is an energetic indie rock trio from Copenhagen, Denmark who have a debut, full length release ready for distribution on October 15, 2007 through DK based label Tabu Records (Tabu MySpace). All Juice No Fruit is the title of the new release and, after listening to all of the tracks, it seems that a seriously solid rock record exists beyond the humorous subject matter we were originally smitten with. To participate in the mayhem and listen to more new music, we highly recommend a visit to The Floor Is Made Of Lava MySpace page. The band also inhabits a more recent addition with their TFIMOL website as well as a spirited TFIMOL blog. In support of All Juice No Fruit, there will be a string of regional live performance dates beginning October 10 at Malmo, Sweden venue Debaser. Consider the new CD a sound purchase and the perfect excuse to do someone's sister.

MP3: IKEA Did A Job On You
MP3: Do Your Sister

Side note: I married that British girl and dragged her from one evil empire to another... No more airports. :)

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