Saturday, October 20, 2007

MML: Music Updates & News

Bob Mould: District Line / Circle of Friends

First, the big news... A new full length solo release from former Husker Du / Sugar front man and guitarist Bob Mould is set to be titled District Line. It will be released through Anti- on February 5th and promises an ending track that was originally cut from Bob's debut 1989 solo release Workbook. For the most updated information you can get your hands on, visit the Bob Mould Blog. There is also a Bob Mould Myspace page as well as an "Ask Bob" article that runs locally for Washington CityPaper. Check this out, the track listing for District Line... We are very excited!

01 Stupid Now
02 Who Needs to Dream
03 Again and Again
04 Old Highs, New Lows
05 Return to Dust
06 The Silence Between Us
07 Shelter Me
08 Very Temporary
09 Miniature Parade
10 Walls in Time

Also, results are in where the new Circle Of Friends DVD is concerned and they are not so good. Of course I am joking. The sound quality is excellent and the behind the scenes stuff is all very cool. A good quality preview can be found at Trixie and there is also a Youtube version of the same song (A Good Idea) which we have posted below. Bob continues to be a big favorite after all of these years.

The Black Watch: New Previews on Myspace

Our original discovery of Los Angeles, California based artist John Andrew Fredrick and his long time music project The Black Watch were originally featured in the earliest part of this year [January 19 review + download.] Since that post, the band lineup remains the same for a yet-to-be-titled, full length, 13th release. You can listen to three of the new tracks on The Black Watch Myspace page and find an extensive biography/discography on The Black Watch Website. The track we are featuring today, Tatterdemalion, belongs to the most recent 2006 release of the same name. Enjoy this one.

MP3: Tatterdemalion

The Sky Drops: Hang On Video

After releasing our favorite EP in recent memory with Clouds Of People, The Sky Drops now have a video for the track Hang On that can be viewed below. We first featured this Wilmington, Delaware duo over a year and a half ago [May 2006 review + download] with a follow up earlier this year [April 2007 review + download]. The band is currently in the middle of a limited tour that will bring them within walking distance of our front door on November 16th when they take the stage at legendary Newport, Kentucky venue The Southgate House. Also performing that night will be another previously featured artist Lab Partners and we will probably be hanging out with this guy for a beer or maybe several? See you there! (it is required you know)

MP3: Hang On

Clara Clara: December Release "AA"

We don't make a habit of posting instrumental noise rock here on MML but this is really good. If you remember our feature on François Virot late last year [December 2006 review + download] it will make perfect sense that a side project of this Lyon, France based artist is completely raw and without polish. The new full length 11 track (45 min) submission, simply titled "AA", will be released through SK Records at some point mid December. I've had a chance to listen to the entire thing and it is all very good. Check out the Clara Clara Myspace page to hear more new music and the Clara Clara Website to do the same. Expect a full review of this band in the near future.

MP3: Nous les +

Sarandon: New Slumberland Single

When listening to a new EP that brings to mind the late 80's offerings of Bucky Pope & Company, it's difficult not to appreciate the trash-funk underpinnings that are present. To be honest, I am completely unfamiliar with this band but will tell what little I have found. Sarandon is primarily the music project of an artist named Crayola that was formed around 2003 in South London, UK. There have been some recent lineup changes which have resulted in a title for the new 3 track single Joe's Record. Like my wife, ex-bassist Joe seems to have given up the comforts of the UK in exchange for our wonderful currency and high fructose corn syrup. All quips aside, this is an excellent single that is now available on the band's new label Slumberland Records (SlumberSpace) There is also a Sarandon Myspace page for you to visit and listen to more music.

MP3: The Linguist

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HRH Courtney, Queen of Everything said...

Casey, here's my review, and a link to my new blog.

4casey4 said...

I just checked it out... That is really good! I can't wait for District Line. Aggg!!

Thanks again,

HRH Courtney, Queen of Everything said...

District Line should be great; the cover art there is based on the DC Metro line you take to get to his house. I've been within about 50 yards, but was too chicken to venture further (no, I'm not kidding!).

And as for the show offer, I organized a Bob meet-up in Boston once; if he tours full band on District Line, I'd play social director again. New York, maybe? DC even. Glad you liked the review.

thepsychicpilot said...

I just read this post, haven't been on-line & browsing in a while. Looking forward to meeting up.