Sunday, October 07, 2007

Punch And Judy

Sunday might otherwise seem like a proper day to rest on our laurels and post something relatively quiet but, after only a few listens to new material from a previously featured artist, it was decided to kick in your doors (ears) with some outstanding indie rock. We originally posted about this band almost exactly one year ago [October 2006 review + download], and have since mentioned them in our most recent Swedish music roundup. Punch And Judy are a five piece rock outfit from Göteborg, Sweden consisting of Olof Astrom (vocals), Bjorn Vestlund (guitar), Daniel Straneus (guitar/noise), Edvin Thorbjornsson (bass) and Jonas Abrahamsson (drums). Both of today's featured songs belong to an upcoming EP, tentatively set to be titled Voyeur, that will be self-released just before or shortly after the new year. The first track, Kids on Meth, opens with what seems to be a lo-fi practice session but, after less than 20 seconds, it quickly explodes into the controlled riot we were hoping for. While taking no time to settle, diving into the second track A Punch-Up, it was amazing to notice that Punch And Judy remain unsigned. After that second song, something clicked far back in the dark reaches of my twisted little brain. I can completely see this band as the new indie rock darlings of a label like... ohhh, let's say PBR?? Is it just me, or could they easily fit into that lineup? For now, you will need to visit the Punch And Judy Myspace page for more new music and to add on as a friend. The next live performance will take place 13 October at local Göteborg venue Kontiki Slottsskogen. We highly recommend you take a listen to Olof's off-kilter vocals and the raucous accompaniment that completes...the punch.

MP3: Kids on Meth

MP3: A Punch-Up


Anonymous said...

Um. No wonder you like these guys. Punch up sounds like it belongs on Modern Currencies.

Oh and how is that dollar of yours doing these days? :P

Anna votes yes on the Judy boys!

4casey4 said...

Possibly... but a little less polished. Thanks for the comment.

You mean our Peso?