Friday, October 26, 2007

Southeast Engine

In our attempt to present music from all over the world, we sometimes neglect to feature artists who exist regionally, if not here in our own backyard. I spent the better part of six years (during the early 90's) attending university, working and wandering the streets of a dreamy little Ohio town at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. While inhabiting that fairly special place in time, I quickly realized a local music flavor that extended beyond the usual indie fare commonly found in most college towns. That place I remember so fondly is Athens, Ohio, and today's featured musicians call it home. Southeast Engine is an outstanding six piece, folk based rock outfit currently consisting of members Adam Remnant, Leo DeLuca, Adam Torres, Jesse Remnant, Gaelan Mullins and Michael Lachman. The band is signed to Misra Records who have made available a reissue of the 2005 album Coming To Terms With Gravity as well as the brand new full length October 2007 release A Wheel Within A Wheel. For a listen to both new and older tracks, visit the Southeast Engine Myspace page. This is where it gets good. The next live performance will take place this evening at local Newport, Kentucky venue Southgate House. Tonight's show will also be a record release party for Cincinnati rockabilly band The Flux Capacitors who handed me a solid demo while leaving Southgate House the other night. There is also supposed to be a third band but I'm not sure if it will be local act The Delusionals or Towhee from Dayton, Ohio. Either way, it sounds like good fun so I had better finish my beer and get walking over the river to check it out. Take a listen...

MP3: Coming to Terms With Gravity (2005/2007)

MP3: Quit While You're Ahead (2007)

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Mr Rossy said...

Can i just say...i listened to your shoegaze mix at the weekend and it was brilliant, i got slowly drunk with a large bottle of red wine and it was perfect !!!