Thursday, November 01, 2007

Make Me

After several days away from our little music fixation, we returned to find some minor (massive) computer problems which required our immediate attention. The bad news? Our magic button machine lost plenty of the music files that were not backed up at the time. The good news is, we are now back to semi-full speed and have a really good band from Northern California to share with you. Make Me is primarily the duo of Zola Goodrich (lefty bass/vocals) and Claire Haynie (keyboards/vocals) from Oakland who have been creating their own brand of noise together since 2004. With the addition of Wes Chase (drums) and Jeremy Sullivan (guitar), they have completed the full band for the purpose of both recording and their active live performance schedule.

The two tracks featured today belong to the band's debut self released album itonlyhurtsthefirsttime which was made available a few months earlier this year. If you visit the Make Me MySpace page there are additional songs from the debut as well as information on the various means by which the album can be purchased. At first listen, Oakland/San Francisco gave a nearly overwhelming sense that a rare outtake from the soundtrack of the 1983 movie Valley Girl had been found... but don't take this as a criticism or quip at all. Some of the music is quite similar to a number of artists who once inhabited Sarah Records' lineup during the late 1980s. The refreshingly simple guitar-pop structure combined with what I can only describe as "darling" vocals and keyboard accent easily lead us to highly recommend this band. Have a listen.

MP3: Oakland/San Francisco
MP3: One More Hour

If you are going to be in the Los Angeles area and would like to check out Make Me performing live, your next chance will be this Saturday, November 3, as the band travels down the coast to take the stage at LA venue Pehrspace [Pehrspace MySpace] along with local act Stop, Revolt and El Olio Wolof from Merced, CA. Should be good.

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L said...

Great tunes, Clever lyrics, wonderful girl voices. What more? Thanks for posting- terrific discovery.