Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Earlier this year we featured two different female musicians from Sweden in the same post [March 2007 review + downloadable goods]. One of those artists was Antonia Pehrson (aka Tango) from Göteborg. Antonia's ongoing music project, Komon, started in 2001 with a few bedroom recordings that incorporated various organs, synths and drum machines to accent her wonderfully candied vocals. The track originally featured here, Are We Friends, is an understated gem that belongs to the 2005 self released Silly Girl EP. Upon visiting the Komon MySpace page, you will find this 4 track release can still be purchased in CD-R format by contacting Ms. Pehrson directly.

MP3: Are We Friends

More recent material from Komon is a noticeable departure with the addition of slightly fuzzed out guitar and lo-fi recording that creates an endearing bedroom twee pop experience. The influence involved in this transformation can be attributed, in part, to Antonia's introduction to the 1997 book of punk history Please Kill Me. The latest release, titled Punk EP, was just made available November 1st through Miami, Florida based and new blogosphere favorite Cloudberry Records (Cloudberry MySpace). The label only produces 100 copies of each single/EP they put out there, so you might want to grab one at some point in the near future.

MP3: A Good Start

As a bonus and extra treat, we have been given the go-ahead from Komon to post a track previously unavailable for download. The following song, Springtime Told Me, is only a demo for now but will most likely make it's way onto a future release. If you hadn't noticed the first time around, there are a few additional new demos available for listening if you return to the Komon MySpace. Pay close attention to "If My Heart Was A House" while there. Lovely song.

MP3: Springtime Told Me (demo)

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