Thursday, November 08, 2007

Panda Riot

The Philadelphia based shoegaze/"swirl-pop" duo of Brian Cook and Rebecca Scott along with their trusty drum machine have finally released the long awaited full length album She Dares All Things. It was made available a couple of days ago on both iTunes and Amazon for electronic download but, if you are anything like us, there is nothing better than having a proper CD to hold in your hand. To purchase a hard copy, you only need visit the Panda Riot website. While there, you will also find more tracks to download including Rebecca performing an outstanding cover of The Magnetic Fields' classic Book of Love. Our first Panda Riot feature happened last year [November 2006 review + demo download] while the band was still completing and reworking content for the new album. After having listened to more of the music from She Dares All Things, it becomes clear that a certain amount of revision will need to take place prior to presenting our year end highlight feature. The new album gets high recommendations all the way around. Big big thanks to Brian for sending the finished versions of following tracks.

MP3: Like Flowers At Night
MP3: She Dares All Things

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Anonymous said...

I love it! Let the shoegaze conquer all crappy hasbeen folk rock blogs!

We got yo back.
Mark from Ark & Co.