Friday, November 23, 2007


Since the MML music blog is essentially an afterwork adventure, there are sometimes obstacles when attempting a listen to some of the music artists send our way. From something as simple as a phone call to dinner burning while the cats chew on electric lampcords around the house, there usually is no shortage of events to distract us. Today's featured track has an intro of almost a full minute and plenty can happen in that short time span, but once things kick in you can expect to find yourself in the middle of a solid indie rock song. Renminbi (Chinese for "peoples currency") is the music project of founder Lisa Liu (guitar, vocals) along with Jim Archer (drums, vocals) and SMV (keyboads, vocals) from Brooklyn, New York. Upon visiting the Renminbi website, several clips from previous singles/EPs can be found, as well as some not-so-updated band news. For the latest, including information on the upcoming 2008 full length release, you will only need to visit the Renminbi MySpace page. Included in today's feature is an unmastered track Lisa was kind enough to send in advance of its completion. After listening a few times, I'm not sure the song requires any further polish before making its way onto the new album. The band's next live performance will take place on the 1st of December at local NYC venue The Delancey. In summation, if cooking (forgetting) a leftover porkchop in a toaster is not on the dinner agenda and there are no cats with a death wish present, you will more than likely enjoy the following...

MP3: Lachine

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Nyki said...

amazing live band.