Tuesday, November 06, 2007

MML News: Big Dipper Back For 2008!

Oh yes, it is true... and some of the best news we've received in quite a while. If you were a fan of mid to late 1980s guitar-pop rockers Big Dipper, this news will send a more than adequate number of chills up the old spine. In a recent interview with Gary Waleik for Rock Town Hall, it was explained that he, along with Bill Goffrier, Steve Michener and Jeff Oliphant, will once again take the stage for a handful of live performance dates at some point in late April 2008. As if that were not enough, there will also be a 3 disk CD set released on which you will find plenty of tracks from the band's first three records (almost impossible to get your hands on these days) along with a number of other true rarities. It will also include a twelve page booklet that will hopefully serve to highlight some of the history surrounding Big Dipper. We originally featured this band over a year ago [September 2006 endless ramble + download] as an MML indie classic and have since wondered if the reunion could ever actually happen. After jumping around on chairs pouring beer over each other's heads (not really... the beer, I mean), we settled down enough to realize that some serious plotting and scheming will need to be done in order to make it to one of these shows next year. As far as band reunions go, this might be as good as it gets in our little world.

Interview Link: Big Dipper's Gary Waleik Hears the Sirens' Call

There is a Big Dipper MySpace page for you to add as a virtual friend, get updated information and listen to more music from this classic indie rock band. Now would probably be a good time to turn up the volume on your computer speakers just a little. While the following audio and video clips are of low quality, they might just be a good introduction for those who are not so familiar with this band. Both of the tracks featured today belong to the 1987 album titled Heavens. The YouTube video clip that follows is of the song Faith Healer from the same album. I love this band...

MP3: All Going Out Together
MP3: She's Fetching

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