Friday, February 12, 2010

KC Quilty: Clover/Coriander LP

It's early morning, late at night or wherever you find yourself at this particular moment and for once we happen to be punctual in presenting a brand new album release on the exact day of its birth and subsequent journey into many ears. Before getting started, attention needs to be directed towards our October 2009 introduction of today's featured artist in which reference was made to an adorably shy fund-raising campaign, via Kickstarter, that is somewhat responsible for the collection of songs we are ready to bang on about. New York City based duo KC Quilty has a brand new, debut album titled Clover/Coriander that was just made available minutes ago through NYC label Cooling Pie Records (CPR Blog) and we've now had a chance to shake loose a few floorboards of our tiny office space with the sound. No need to waste time here... let's dig into the very first track.

MP3: Clothes

Clover/Coriander was recorded in various locations with the assistance of local musician-friends over the past several months. The end result is ten ridiculously solid songs that highlight the guiding Hersh-esque vocals and downright monstrous guitars of Sadie Dupis as well as the driving rhythms, auxiliary accompaniment and underlying direction of Julian Fader. The CD release party/live performance takes place this evening as KC Quilty takes the stage at local Brooklyn venue Spike Hill along with Magnetic Island (formerly Renminbi who we featured in 2007 & 2009) so check it out and pick up a copy at the show. We leave you with another lovely song from Clover/Coriander that was randomly plucked for, if no other reason, a simple word association with the previous track, Clothes.

MP3: Tags

As a quick side, it's not often we find ourselves with a debut release that escapes any single tedious or awkward moment... this really is a good fucking record.

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