Thursday, February 07, 2008

Julian Fader

Almost a month ago, a favorite NYC band of ours paid a visit to the Queen City and we finally had the chance to meet some of them. Le Rug (who we've spoken about here, here, here and here) ended up coming into town a night early before playing local Northside venue Gypsy Hut. To our surprise, Lisa Liu, of previously featured indie rock outfit Renminbi, was part of the entourage. Also among the musicians who showed up that evening, as a part of the percussion duo (yes, Le Rug has two drummers), was today's featured artist. Julian Fader is a multi instrumentalist from New York City who is more than worthy of note on MML. The song presented today builds and falls into all of the right little places for our ears and, for some strange reason, I can think of a certain someone who just might find the music of this young artist as appealing as we do. There are additional lo-fi live recordings to be found on the Julian Fader MySpace page and you will hopefully be able to purchase the finished product once Cooling Pie Records makes a few important things happen. Here ya go...

MP3: Dark Entry

(Note to Julian & Co... That kick ass music shop you visited here in Cincinnati was Shake It Records)

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