Sunday, February 03, 2008


It's Superbowl Sunday here in the States but, as not-so-avid sports fans, we can assure you this feature has nothing to do with athletics or the commercial hell one must endure to figure out if they've won any money in the office pool. Instead, what you get today is an incredibly talented indie rock band that had us listening repeatedly. Kickers are a Montreal, Quebec based duo consisting of musicians Victoria Morrison (guitar, vocals) and Anne Gauthier (drums, vocals). The band is currently shopping for a label and I can't imagine them having a difficult time of it. Actually, it's unsigned bands like this one that have us contemplating starting our own little label one of these days (but shhhh). If you enjoy the two songs featured here, stop in for a visit to the Kickers website for a couple of additional tracks which are equally impressive. The band also inhabits a compulsory Kickers MySpace page where you can find yet another song not available on the website. Big Big recommendations from both of us on this one. Enjoy, and expect some buzz...

MP3: New In The News
MP3: Euro Disney

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