Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Make This Sound

Just when we thought that all of those 2005 era (yes that was ages ago) indie bands of more than five members had fallen out of favour, a new music collective sneaks up and has us smitten with what we are listening to. I Make This Sound is a lovely seven piece consisting of members Mike Hopkins (drums), Heather Kafka (keys, vocals), Jeremy Levy (percussion, vocals), Jillinda Palmer (keyboard), Matt Peter (bass), Jonathan Price (vocals, guitars), Greg Weigel (guitar) and Brittney Westover (keyboard, vocals) from Los Angeles, California. Wait a minute... is that eight members? Anyway, the music is perfect for our Sunday around the house and will probably raise a few eyebrows amongst those MML regulars who view the art of music as some sort of landscape. We just like the way this sounds while dancing around and cleaning the kitchen. For more of what you are hopefully already listening to, stop by the I Make This Sound MySpace page. There is also an I Make This Sound website that is currently a work in progress. The song featured today belongs to a brand new EP, titled Staring At Yourself, which is set to be self-released next week with a party to coincide at local Los Angeles venue The Echo on February 13.

MP3: One Two Three!

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