Monday, February 25, 2008

Fairmount Girls

We've been tightening our belts to save some cash for a new roof over our milk milk lemonheads and have limited our time out on the town as a result of being semi-responsible adults. This past Saturday we took a rare break from, break to meet a good friend who was in town to see the band City Breathing from Brooklyn, New York. We arrived late to Northside Tavern and missed the NYC opening experience but met a few members of the band who were really nice. After settling in with a couple of beers, a local outfit we were not familiar with took center stage and captured plenty of our attention. Fairmount Girls are a Cincinnati, Ohio five piece consisting of members Melissa "Fairmount" (portable Italian organ), Dana Hamblen (drums), Beth Cheek (bass), Pat Hennessy (fancy guitar) and Randy Cheek (another guitar, noise, gadgets) who all share vocal responsibilities and have been around for something like 12 years! The band put on an exceptional live performance and afterwards Dana was kind enough to slip us a nicely weathered copy of a 2006 EP. Shall we listen?

MP3: Queen For A Day

Oh yeah, it's good... and the perfect excuse for us to feature some local flavor. I checked the insert of the EP we were given and it seems that most of the music was recorded by former Afghan Whigs bassist John Curley in his studio Ultrasuede right here in Cincinnati. Since the Fairmount Girls website is currently a work in (or out of) progress, you will need to pay an extended visit to the Fairmount Girls Myspace page for additional info and music. I think it's time for another song.

MP3: 4am

*Bonus* We were unfortunate enough to miss the opening act City Breathing, so we figured it would be a good idea to give a quick shout... yo, word!.

Bonus MP3: City Breathing - Footsteps: Leaving The Scene

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