Monday, February 18, 2008

MML Update: Soda Fountain Rag

Sometimes we receive emails and don't even need to open them up right away to know good news has fallen upon us. Such was the case, just the other day, when a message arrived from Irish label Yesboyicecream Records (Yesboy MySpace). After gleefully reviewing our mail and attached goodies in the form of a zip file, we are happy to report that previously featured Norwegian artist [September 07 review + download] Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl, a.k.a. Soda Fountain Rag, has finally completed a much awaited new 14 track gem titled It's Rag Time. This full length album is listed with a formal release date in April, but you can actually pick up a copy right this second if you know where to go. For more downloadable music and information, there is also a Soda Fountain Rag NRK Urørt page to visit. The handful of new songs we've listened to are absolutely wonderful and, if they are any indication of what can be expected from the balance of music contained within It's Rag Time, we might have a serious contender for year end honours on our hands. I think it's safe to say that MML has a little music crush going on right now...

MP3: Don't Kill The Clowns
MP3: You Sit And Wait For Life

...and since we've been been drinking beer and taunting our felines with a cheap laser pointer we picked up at the gas station yesterday, you get a bonus song from 2007.

MP3: I Wanna Be Your Cat


L said...

I love these guys. What a great sound. They're very generous with their music, too. Thanks for the great intro. Excellent site you have here.

4casey4 said...

Thank you!

There are some other really good bands associated with yesboyicecream records that I hope to get to very soon. Cheers.