Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Sugarettes: New Video

It looks like we get to stick around in the Netherlands for another day thanks to a message from the folks at Subroutine Records (Subroutine MySpace) regarding a new video available from a favorite band of ours. We originally posted about The Sugarettes at the beginning of January '07 with a second review to follow in September '07 and a Best of 2007 mention just last month. Can you tell we like them? Today we have a new video for the song Ready Steady which features the younger sister of the band's bassist Cox Dieben as head cheerleader... and what video would be complete without cheerleaders? For more music and information about the band, we highly recommend a visit The Sugarettes MySpace page. The video is well done and a lot of fun. Just think cheerleaders, basketball and lollipops...

From the 2007 release 'Love and Other Perversities':
MP3: Ready Steady

From the debut 2006 EP 'Sugarette City':
MP3: Claps


Anonymous said...

Word around the campfire is that there is also a free download of the single ReadySteady plus b-side Rain or Shine and sleeve available at

4casey4 said...

Thanks for the FYI!