Monday, June 18, 2007

Le Rug: C.R.E.E.P.

Welcome to yet another installment of Le Rug here on MML. If you missed the previous posts regarding this band, and specifically NYC musician Ray Weiss, we have cataloged the entries for your review. Over the past year, Ray has become a very good friend and continues to share his music with you through our little blog. We seriously recommend you take a listen to some of the previous tracks and check out the homemade videos... His material is all very impressive.

Le Rug: March 16, 2007
Le Rug: January 10, 2007
Le Rug: January 9, 2007
The Medics: May 27, 2006

Today's featured track, Buffalo, belongs to the upcoming self-released full length CD C.R.E.E.P. It was recorded almost entirely in analog with the drums on only one microphone. It should be available by month end and there will be a local New York City release party to support it. For more information, future live dates, a consistently updated supply of new streaming songs and to buy stuff, stop into the Le Rug MySpace page. While there, add on as a friend but be prepared for both MySpace bulletins and blogs that will give you an interesting look into the madness that revolves around this great music. Before I forget the big news, Le Rug will be also be featured as part of a UK documentary on global local music scenes. The project is called GLOCAL and a video trailer is available there at the link for you to watch. Check it out for sure.

MP3: Buffalo

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