Monday, June 11, 2007

Pansy Division

At last count, there were 14 bands we have lined up to feature here on the blog. Michelle and I were married a few weeks ago and have been attempting to stay away from computers for a spell. To be honest, we've been traveling quite a bit. This weekend we visited one of the coolest towns we've been to yet, Louisville, Kentucky. While checking out the countless pubs, shops and restaurants on Bardstown Road, we happened upon a really good little record shop with a nice used CD selection. I picked up a copy of Husker Du's Flip Your Wig and another classic in A Wizard/A True Star (Todd is God), but today's feature is the highlight of that stop in our travels. On our way back home to Cincinnati, I almost spit a mouthful of Red Bull through my nose at the windshield as the below mentioned Judas Priest cover song took shape. Just in case you are not familiar with them... Pansy Division is a classic indie rock band from San Francisco, California consisting of primary members Jon Ginoli, Chris Freeman and Luis Illades, with additional guitarist Joel Reader. They have been creating this particular brand of what has often been referred to as queer-core since 1991. If you would like to check out more of this big gay rock sound, all you have to do is visit the Pansy Division MySpace page. One of the first songs I ever had an opportunity to experience from the band, Dick Of Death, is streaming there. For a ton of excellent downloads and more information, stop by the Pansy Division website. Their next live performance will take place June 24 at the San Francisco Pride Festival.

From the 1997 Lookout Records collection of singles, rarities and live tracks, More Lovin' From Our Oven:

MP3: Manada
MP3: Manada (version Quebecois)
MP3: Hockey Hair
MP3: Breaking The Law (Judas Priest kinda)

From the mid-1999 (recorded) late-2003 (released) project Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show

BONUS MP3: I Can Make You A Man

If you get a kick out of this as much as we do, check out another SF band, Ex-Boyfriends... we reviewed them February 2006.

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