Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Goodbye Sergeants

Since we have been on a classic indie kick as of late, it only made perfect sense to post a new, energetic rock band that just so happened to stumble across our little music blog. After receiving a very nice message from today's featured artists, we had a listen to some of their tracks. Besides an obvious comparison to some of our own favorite British rock classics, there also exists an ever-so-slight Chicago post hardcore sound I was not expecting. For some strange reason, the late 80s material of Naked Raygun comes to mind and that is not a bad thing at all. These songs are quick, intelligent and and an excellent listen for those who can appreciate extremely tight presentation with a sense of humor. Oh and.. did I mention these tracks are only demos?

Goodbye Sergeants are a four piece from London (and thereabouts), UK, consisting of Employee Of The Month award winners... Special K (vocals, guitars, customer service), Mr. Norris (guitar, litigation), Mr. Trill (bass, sales) and John "Chopper" Shortt (drums, business development.) The music we've featured here for your review will eventually become a part of the band's upcoming EP. Check the Goodbye Sergeants website for updated info on this debut release and a few live videos. To see a monkey ride a pig rodeo style, buy a t-shirt and listen to more music from the band, you need only visit the Goodbye Sergeants MySpace page. The next live performance will take place 6 July at Oxford Street venue The Metro. Enjoy the following...

MP3s: [links expired: album released!]


mark said...
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mark said...

that's a cool studio they're playing in. Do you know where that is?

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