Friday, June 29, 2007

It's A Musical!

Just over a year ago, we featured the music of a female artist from Sweden who, besides the project name, simply went by her first name Ella. [May 6 2006 review + download]. When we recently noticed a brand new collaboration and that Ella had since moved to Berlin, Germany, we couldn't wait to listen. The musician I am referring to is Ella Blixt and the last time we visited her music, it was presented under the name Bobby Baby. While Ella's music continues with this name, you can visit the Bobby Baby website for downloadable songs she has been making available since 2005. Also, stop in to check out the Bobby Baby MySpace page for updated information and more music.

Robert (or Robot) is a musician from Germany who is half of the duo Lady Boy along with a wonderful new discovery for us in guitarist/vocalist Kitty. While there is not much in the way of detailed information on this music project, you can visit the Lady Boy website as well as the Lady Boy MySpace page for a plenty of really good tracks for a listen. They supported Bobby Baby on a 2006 tour in Germany and are currently signed to Berlin based Solaris Empire Records (Solaris Empire MySpace). We must add... Robert looks quite charming in his bear suit.

Sometime after meeting during the 2006 live performance schedule in Germany, Ella Blixt (organ, keyboard, vocals) and Robert/Robot (drums, vibraphone, vocals) formed It's a Musical! The latest addition to the new group happened in May when they enlisted the assistance of Marcel (broken bass, mini keyboard) to complete the lineup. The It's a Musical! MySpace page is new and needs to be visited for a compulsory "friend request" in support. There is also an It's a Musical! website that has the balance of new music for you to download. All of the links above are very much worth your time. Very nice.

MP3: Pain Song
MP3: Take Off Your T-Shirt

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